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A Brief Introduction to Shohokai

Aikido Aiki-Kempo Iaido Jodo

Shohokai is an independent aikido society dedicated to the study of aikido for fitness, self defence, and personal growth. Classes in aiki-kempo (striking techniques), iaido(art of drawing and cutting with the Japanese sword), and jodo(wooden staff practice) are also available. All are taught as elements of a comprehensive whole, with emphasis on the development of sound posture, efficient body motion, and mental stability and alertness that are at the core of all martial arts.

Training sessions are vigorous, positive, and friendly with an emphasis in the beginning and intermediate stages on solid technical mastery of the basic forms and techniques that form the foundation for the development of fluidity, control, and effortless power that is the mark of the advanced aikido practitioner.

Because young and old, large and small, male and female, beginner and advanced alike all practice and grow together, a spirit of caring and consideration for others' abilities, limitations, and needs is also fostered.

Instructors are experienced in teaching people with limited Japanese language ability, so don't be shy.

A Message from Oyama sensei, founder of Shohokai

AIKIDO, a traditional art of Japan, is a superb form of unarmed self defense. Moreover, regular practice cultivates health, vitality, concentration, and judgement and for women, a wholesome natural beauty that radiates from within. Because practice is directed primarily at achieving relaxed motion with a minimum resort to physical strength, anyone--young or old, male or female--can learn without overexertion. Our instructors carefully guide even novices to gradually develop an appreciation for the enriching experience of martial arts training. Please come to the dijo and find out for yourself the appeal of aikido through the sweat and camaraderie of daily training with your fellow students.

AIKI-Kempo fosters development of the agility and concentration necessary for martial arts and focuses on practicing the unches, kicks, and other striking techniques used in aikido. Ideally, it should be practiced along with aikido.

IAIDO AND JODO are excellent arts for developing spiritual unity and explosive power. Regular practice naturally cultivates the mental and physical vitality that goes along with improved health, posture, etc. Both iaido and jodo can be practiced for an entire lifetime, regardless of age, with the techniques taking on a greater refinement and depth the longer they are practiced. Come find out the appeal of weapons training for yourself.

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